New Products - Washable Paper Bags

About Washable Kraft Paper

  • new material combines the best of paper and fabric but performs like leather (vegan leather).
  • lightweight, durable, abrasive resistant & tear-proof.
  • not shrinkable or stretchable.
  • easy care, wash & air dry.
  • unique wrinkle texture after production and personal usage.
  • ECO friendly, reusable, made of 100% natural plant fibre and degradable.

About Tyvek Dupont Paper

  • super light-weight, very durable, abrasive resistant & tear-proof.
  • non shrinkable or stretchable.
  • can be printed and coated on, easily combined with other materials for variable texture and feel.
  • easy care, wash & air dry.
  • trendy material to design and make all kinds of durable functional and fashion paper bags.
  • ECO friendly, reusable and recyclable.